Torinoko Mashup

**If you use these lyrics and upload a cover somewhere, PLEASE credit me! Thank you.**

In a world where ones and zeroes make up our lives
communication is rife with misunderstanding
I want to know the answer to what is your name
but please make sure it’s within ten characters

It’s too easy to sit and cry so it’s something I can’t do
I’ve just got to push down those thoughts in my head ’til I make it through

And don’t you dare forget that inside of you 
that there’s a fake version of me, too

And to this day do you remember the vows that we made
when we swore to each other that we’d forever stay?
When we crossed our hearts that we’d never forget
Oh, please don’t let the curtain fall down on our stage just yet…

With all the plans I’m making clearly heading towards nowhere
I start thinking to myself but do I dare?
“Should I now find a reason for me to just give it all up?”
No, I know that it’s not the right choice
I’m talking to myself, just mumbling in a quiet voice
but I know that I can’t really stop so please don’t yell at me

Living through each day wondering “Why?”
Do it your way, that way, this way, gotta leave now, baby
The two sides of my heart can’t be broken apart:
my courage and my desire to escape
Will there be anything worth living for anywhere?
I ask myself the same question day in and day out
Answer myself, get an answer, give an answer, it never ends…

“Sorry that I called to late at night, you were more than likely ready for bed.”
“Actually, it’s weird that you called now, I was gonna call you too!”
As if fate intended us to be in each others hearts and each others heads
Listen to the sound of happiness that is coming from us two–

I couldn’t even begin to hope that that was true
’cause I am still to weak to be with you
Somehow we’ll make a contract and once again I will
fall into you but, still,
it’s never to become…

One more time, one more time,
“I will be a rolling girl for today, as well!” 
Or so she will say, so she will say
with a laugh, a smile and using word play
So, are you okay? It’s okay
Everybody gets sick and tired of it some day
So I guess we’ll just breathe in…

There’s nothing in this world that’s real and that I can see
All words and feelings suddenly mean nothing to me
I don’t want to fall into this dark pit a second time
It loops and never ends and then I get lost and I cry
“I don’t need you any more. You’re nothing but an eyesore,”
Even though you didn’t say it out loud, I can hear it
Do you even understand what it’s like to feel this?
I’ve just had enough!


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